Our promise to you

When we first became pet parents, we quickly discovered a problem:
There was a lack of transparency around what goes into dog food, and while loose regulations & guidelines do exist, they weren’t enough.

So, we created our own standard for top-of-the-line nutrition based on how we want to nourish our dogs. It exceeds the ‘industry standard’. We call it: the healthybud standard.

High quality

Our products are 100% natural, human-grade with no additives or artificial preservatives & flavours. Our meats are antibiotic and growth hormone free. 


All animals should be raised humanely and be provided with proper nutrition.

Backed by research

Crafted alongside universities, researchers, veterinarians and animal nutritionists.

Audited & tested

Our supply chain is regularly inspected and certified to the highest standard.


Diets formulated to exceed the nutritional levels established by the  AAFCO guidelines.


Notes on packaging ? Our sustainability initiatives on how we source while being mindful of the environment?

It wouldn’t be possible without amazing collaborators

We developed our standards with food science and nutrition departments at world-renowned universities. Together, we researched what common nutrients our dogs are lacking. We continue to explore and source nature’s most powerful ingredients to add essential vitamins & minerals back to our dogs diet and help them thrive.