The Perks

Cash Rewards

Earn $ for completed missions & community involvement

Discount Codes

Get access to exclusive sales & discounts

Community Love

Join our private pet parent community & exclusive events

Free Product

Earn free healthybud products

VIP Status

Early access to sales & new products

Social Features & Promotion

Have your bud featured on our social platforms!

How it works.

Meet Kate, the #healthygang ambassador manager. She'll explain how our rewards program works in under 1 minute!

It's really simple!


Fill out a quick & simple application so we can get to know you & your bud

Complete Missions

Participate in the #healthygang missions, complete tasks and stay involved on social media


Get rewarded through cash, giftcards, #BudBucks, free products and more!


Have questions about the Healthybud™ Rewards Program? Check out the FAQs below.

Still can't find the answer? Reach out to for support!

Getting Started

What is the #healthygang ambassador rewards program?
Who can join?
What is Brandbassador?
I've been accepted - How do I get started on the app?
How do I generate my custom coupon code?

Payments & Rewards

How do I withdraw cash?
How do I set up my Payoneer account?
How do I earn free products?
How do I earn points?
How do I level up?
How do I invite friends to join the program?


I've applied but it still says 'Awaiting Brand Review'
How long does it take until my mission gets approved?
How do custom discount codes work?
How do I make commission?