Enrichment activities are so important to have a happy, healthy dog so we want to give you some quick and easy ways to keep your dog stimulated, starting with a lickimat! 

Here are some recipes that you can use in a lickimat to keep your pup occupied and avoid boredom! You can find lickimats at many pet stores, and of course online. 

Fishy Fun

For this easy recipe, just spread some canned salmon on your lickimat, and top it with some shredded carrots and crumbled up healthybud cod skins. Not only is this recipe a great option for dogs with allergies that can’t have chicken or beef, but it’s a great source of fatty Omega-3s! 

Berry Delight

If your lickimat has holes in it, place a blueberry (either fresh or frozen) in each hole. On the flat parts of the lickimat, spread some yogurt (greek is recommended) and top with some raspberries on top. Drizzle the whole mat with peanut butter (just make sure it is xylitol-free!) Blueberries are a great superfood for dogs - you can read about all their benefits to our furry-friends here

Festive Fall Dinner

This is a great recipe to try out in the fall, or if you want to let your pup celebrate a special occasion like thanksgiving with you. Take some cooked sweet potato and mash it in a bowl. Mix in ½ tsp coconut oil and spread it on the lickimat. Sprinkle cooked chicken on top of the sweet potato mixture. You can also add some cut up pieces of healthybud’s sweet potato chews for an extra special treat! 

Go Bananas

For this tasty treat, you can either add a banana and some natural greek yogurt into a blender or just roughly smash them together. Spread across the lickimatt, and add some banana crisps for some extra texture on top. You can always add some blueberries for an extra antioxidant boost! 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Scramble up an egg for this recipe and add it to your lickimat. To add some extra flavour, sprinkle your dog’s favourite healthybud treat or meal topper! (Healthybud’s beef or turkey meal bites make a great addition to help give your dog an extra boost for their day!) We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure your four-legged family starts the day off right too. 

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Stay healthy, stay happy, stay curious #healthygang! 

Lots of love, 

-The healthybud team