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Welcome to June, pals! With spring in full swing and summer on its way, chances are you’re spending a lot more time outside with your furry BFF… 

While it’s awesome that you’re taking your bud on walks and to the park, do you ever find yourself bored of the same old routine? Does it seem like your pup has just as much energy when you get home as they did when you left the house? 

If you’re looking for outdoor activities that are more stimulating for your dog — both physically and mentally — we’ve got you covered with 5 of our fave outdoor games for dogs! 

Not only do these games count as enrichment activities, but they also help with training and obedience skills. Plus, your dog will paw-sitively love them.

BTW, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) calls regular enrichment “the key to a happy and healthy dog” because enrichment activities let your dog tap into natural behaviors like playing, chasing, smelling, chewing and scavenging. 

“Dogs who don’t receive stimulation tend to find ways to enrich themselves, resulting in unwanted behaviors,” the ASPCA says.

So are you ready to have some fun with your four-legged family member(s)? Let the games begin!

5 Fun & Enriching Outdoor Games For Pups

Treasure Hunt

Hide treats and toys around your yard (or really any fenced-in patch of land you can find). Your dog will have a blast sniffing them out and scavenging for them. The cherry on top is they’ll be rewarded instantly with a treat or toy whenever they find one! 

Obstacle Course

Use random objects lying around the house — like cones, books, broomsticks, lawn decor, hampers etc. — to make an obstacle course for your dog, guiding them along as they weave in and out, climb through “tunnels” and jump over things. Don’t forget to give your good boy or girl a tasty treat when they succeed! Next stop… the Westminster dog show.

Dig, Dog, Dig

Make a special digging area for your dog. It can be a sandpit in your backyard, a pile of sand at the beach, or a kiddy pool filled with balls and empty plastic bottles. Bury toys and bones and let your dog dig until he or she finds them! 

Hide & Seek

Ask your dog to “stay” while you hide. You can hide behind a tree or patio furniture or underneath a bench. Once you’re hidden, yell your dog’s name or “come” and see if they can find you! This will activate your dog’s natural hunting urges. It’s helpful in training your dog to “come” and to always find his or her way back to you. When your bud finds you, give them lots of praise and of course a big ol’ high-value treat.

Red Light, Green Light 

Play your favorite schoolyard game with your pup but replace red light, green light with “stay” and “come” commands (and, of course, incorporate lots of treat rewards). This teaches your dog impulse control because he/she will get super excited and then have to stop in his/her tracks. It’s also a fun way to include your doggie in games you enjoy.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay curious #healthygang! 

Lots of love,

 -The healthybud team

DISCLAIMER: The information presented here is not meant to replace your vet’s advice or prescribed medications, but only to suggest additional options to explore, based on your dog’s condition.