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Trick or treat! Halloween is just a few days away, and our dogs should get in on the fun too! Stores are full of cute costumes for pups, but they can be pricey. Why not get thrifty and creative, and make your own Halloween costume for your dog.

Read on for 4 easy DIY Halloween costumes for dogs that you can make out of inexpensive supplies or things you probably already have at home. 

☕ Puppuccino

Are you a big coffee fan? Dress up your dog like a drink from your fave cafe!

You need:

  • White and brown card stock
  • A hole puncher
  • Ribbon
  • A shallow white, round plastic container or a foil pie plate

Measure your dog’s waist and torso, and cut the white card stock to wrap around them. This will be your cup. Cut the brown card stock the same length as the white for around your dog’s waist, but narrower  (this will be your sleeve).

Glue the brown card stock on top of the white, centered and leaving white showing at the top and bottom – like a takeaway coffee cup with a sleeve on it. Once glued and dried, trim the corners of the cup wrap so they don’t irritate your dog’s legs. 

A pug wearing a homemade Halloween costume of a coffee cup with a lid. There are pumpkins in the background.

Print out the logo for your favourite coffee shop. Cut it out and glue it to the ‘sleeve’ of the costume, in the middle. Punch a hole at each end, centered on the card stock. Thread a ribbon through the holes and use it to tie the card stock around your pup. 

For the coffee cup lid, use a white plastic container, or a foil pie plate painted white. Poke a hole on each side of the hat, then thread through ribbon to gently tie it onto your dog’s head.

🦨 Skunk

Have a black dog? A skunk costume requires no sewing and can be put together quickly!

A black dog with a white stripe painted down its back like a skunk, and wearing a black-and-white skunk tail.

Pick up some white hairspray made to be safe for dogs – check your favourite local dog boutique. Then try to keep your pup still while you spray a white line down their back! You can add a fuzzy black tail if your dog’s is sleek.

🍸 Dry martini

If you have a clear plastic dog cone lying around (or if your dog is currently wearing one), this is an easy costume to put together!

A brown-and-white dog dressed in a martini Halloween costume made of a neck cone.

Put the cone on your dog as you normally would. Get a wooden skewer, and put one end through three large green olives. Starting at the other end, thread the skewer through the holes of the cone. Secure it inside with clear tape. 

💩 Poop emoji

If your dog is brown, dress them up like the emoji representing the poop you spend so much time picking up!

Pick up a brown t-shirt or hoodie designed for dogs, or get creative with a brown children’s t-shirt. You can use white fabric paint to draw on the emoji eyes and mouth. If you’re feeling ambitious, look for a plush or squishy poop-shaped toy to turn into a hat with a stretchy fabric headband.

❓ #DYK?

People tend to associate Halloween more with cats than dogs – especially black cats. Dark-furred felines were considered bad luck by the Puritans, and the superstition stuck. But many cultures, including Japanese and Norse, actually consider black cats to be lucky!

Inspired? Break out the glue gun, and have a safe and happy Halloween!

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