Top 5 ways to get a picky dog to eat

Top 5 ways to get a picky dog to eat

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Ah, the picky eater — a challenge all too familiar to many pet parents out there. If your dog is a picky eater, you know that it’s more than just an irritating quirk. It can be very stressful worrying about whether your pup is getting the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. But don’t worry, #Healthygang! There are plenty of techniques you can use to get your picky dog to eat so that your four-legged family members start polishing off their bowls. Here are five of our faves:

1. Experiment with different textures 🥩 🍚

Just like us, dogs appreciate a variety of textures. Introduce your picky eater to a handful of options from wet (like Healthybud’s beef or turkey meal patties mixed with water) to crunchy (hello Turkey Meal Bites and Beef Meal Bites). Mix and match to discover their preference, and you might just witness a miracle. 


2. Delicious toppers for the win 🍽️

Elevate your dog's dining experience by introducing flavourful toppers. Consider adding plain yogurt, a drizzle of dog-friendly broth, crumbled banana crisps or a sprinkle of Healthybud's Joint Booster, Gut Booster or Calming Aid meal toppers. These drool-worthy additions not only enhance the taste of your pup’s meal, but they also provide an extra nutritional boost. 

3. Make feeding time fun & interactive 🧩

Turn mealtime into a more engaging activity by introducing interactive feeders, puzzle toys, or slow-feeding bowls. This not only stimulates your pup's mind but also transforms eating into a playful experience. High-value treats, such as Beef Lung or Sweet Potato, can be strategically placed within these toys for an added element of fun and reward.

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4. Praise progress 🏅

Whenever your dog shows interest in their food, finishes a portion, or tries something new, offer enthusiastic praise. Use a cheerful tone of voice, pet them, or even give them a mini treat as a reward. Associating mealtime with positive experiences helps create a more positive attitude toward food, making it a rewarding and enjoyable part of their day. 


5. Get down to the root cause 🔎

If your dog continues to be a picky eater despite trying various techniques, you’ll want to explore the root cause of their behaviour. Are you feeding them too much table food and ruining their appetite? Are you feeding them at different times each day leading to inconsistencies in their appetite? Do they have bad teeth, making it tough for them to chew hard kibble? Do they have an underlying condition like Crohn's, Colitis or IBS? Is there anything about the environment where they eat that may be causing them stress? Start narrowing it down, and get help from your vet if needed.

Each dog is unique, so finding the right combination of flavours & textures to get your picky dog to eat while investigating the reasons behind your pet’s pickiness may take some time. But with dedication and experimentation, your doggo will be slurping up their dinner in no time. Bone Appetite! 🦴

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