St.Patrick's Day Dog Treats: A Barkuterie Board Recipe

St.Patrick's Day Dog Treats: A Barkuterie Board Recipe

Coeli Fortun, Canine Nutritionist Coeli Fortun, Canine Nutritionist
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Top o' the morning to you, #Healthygang and especially to our Irish friends! 🌞 Today, we're going on a culinary adventure, inspired by the lush green landscapes of Ireland and the whimsical charm that St. Patrick's Day Dog Treats brings. Presenting our paw-some Irish-themed Barkuterie Board, featuring a rainbow of healthy dog-safe ingredients, including our Banana Chips and our Freeze-Dried Turkey Meal Patties. So put on your apron, gather your colourful ingredients and let's get to the plating. Happy St. Patrick's Day Dog Treats!🍀

🥣 Materials Needed For St. Patrick's Day Dog Treats:

🍽 A round plate

☁️ Cloud-shaped cookie cutter

🌈 Ingredients:

🍒 1/2 cup red cranberries 

🥕 1/4 cup orange carrots 

🍌 8 pieces Healthybud Banana Chips

🍏 6 green apple slices

🫐 1/4 cup blue blueberries

🦃 2 pieces Healthybud Freeze-Dried Turkey Meal Patties


1. Start by arranging your plate in a rainbow arch shape, from one end to the other.

2. Begin the rainbow with a vibrant red using cranberries. Place the cranberries at one end of the plate, following the shape of an arch, to represent the first colour of the rainbow.

💡 Fun fact: Cranberries are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants. They're also found in our Gut Booster!

3. Next, slice up some carrots into dices and arrange them below the cranberries, to form the orange band of the rainbow.

💡 Fun fact: Carrots are high in beta-carotene which is beneficial to eye health and digestion. They're also found in our Freeze-Dried Turkey Meal Bites!

4. Add a splash of sunshine yellow with our Banana Chips by sprinkle 8 pieces under the carrots to form the yellow stripe of the rainbow. [dib_prod_6634412048580]

💡 Fun fact: Our Banana Chips are lined with coconut oil, making them a tasty treat filled with vitamin C and vitamin B6, both of which support a healthy immune system.

5. Move on to the green portion of the rainbow by thinly slicing some green apples. Arrange the slices under the Banana Chips to complete the green band.

💡 Fun fact: Green apples contain an awesome prebiotic fibre called pectin, which helps break down food more efficiently. It also contains folates which helps in energy production. They're also found in our Freeze-Dried Beef Meal Bites!

6. For the rainbow's blue hue, place blueberries below the green apples, adding some calming blue to your rainbow creation.

💡 Fun fact: Blueberries contain vitamin K which promotes heart health. They're also found in our Joint Booster!

7. Create fluffy clouds at the end of the rainbow by cutting Healthybud Freeze-Dried Turkey Meal Patties with a cloud cookie cutter and place them below your rainbow platter as whimsical clouds.


Your St. Paddy's Barkuterie Board is now complete! Serve it up to your furry friend and watch their tail wag with delight as they enjoy this colourful and nutritious feast. 

With a wee bit of creativity and the luck of the Irish, you've crafted a delightful treat for your pup to enjoy this St. Patrick's Day. Cheers to happy tails and festive celebrations! 🍀🐾

⚠️ Remember to be mindful of your dog's body weight! The amount of fruit that your pup can safely consume per 10 pounds of body weight can vary depending on the type of fruit and the individual dog's health and tolerance. However, as a general guideline recommended by veterinarians, dogs can typically eat about 1-2 tablespoons of fruit per 10 pounds of body weight per day.

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