How To Celebrate Dog Appreciation Day

How To Celebrate Dog Appreciation Day

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Obviously, we all love our pups, and may even be just a little obsessed... ;) So what’s better than an excuse to spoil our dogs? Yesterday was Celebrate Dog Appreciation Day, and although we may be a day late there’s no reason why you can’t still celebrate today! So here are some of our favourite ways to celebrate our four-legged family members. 

Can You Say Selfie? 

Why not take the chance to capture the bond that you and your pup share? Schedule a photo shoot with a local pet photographer, or create your own setup at home. Why not go full-out and order yourself and your bud matching outfits? Find a neutral backdrop (or even set up a plain white sheet), set your phone up on a stand or a piece of furniture, and set the timer up. Then get ready to pose! You’ll want to make sure that you have a handful of your dog’s favourite treats on hand to keep their attention. A small squeaky toy can also help. 

Give Back

You could spread the love by making a donation to your favourite dog rescue or charity. You can make the donation in your pet’s name. 

Visit Their Favourite Place

Does your dog have a park or trail that they go wild for? Why not make an extra long trip to their favourite spot! If they don’t have one specific spot they love, you could try something new. Maybe set up an obstacle course in your home or yard, or get an extra long leash and go to a secluded area for a sniffari (letting your dog sniff anything they want for as long as they want!) Maybe there’s a local beach or dog pool you can visit! 

Go To Your Local Pet Store

If you have a local pet store near you, take your pup for a shopping trip! Let them pick out a new toy. If you aren’t up to a trip to the store, there are tons of easy to make enrichment ideas online. Grab a muffin tin and put some treats in the cups, then place tennis balls and the like on top. Or fill an empty egg carton with treats and close it back up - you can even add crinkly paper into the egg carton for an extra challenge. Even letting your dog shred cardboard can be a really enriching and cost-effective activity! 

Try A New Treat

Purchase a new treat to buy, or give your dog an extra-special snack like healthybud’s beef tendon chew. You can also try a new homemade treat! Check out some of our previous blog posts for some recipe ideas. 

Have A Paw-Ty

Either invite your friend’s and their pups over for a puppy playdate, or even schedule a virtual zoom paw-ty! You can make this as low-key of an event as you’d like, or go full out with favours, pupcakes, and party hats. 

Have A S-Paw Day

If your pup loves to have a bath or be groomed, set aside some time to spoil them! If they aren’t such a fan of these activities, set aside 10 minutes to give your dog a nice, relaxing massage! 

Spend Time With Them! 

We all live busy lives, and especially with Covid it can all be overwhelming! Our dogs are there for us, day in and day out, no matter what. The most important thing you can do on Celebrate Dog Appreciation Day (and everyday!) is to spend some quality time with your pup! Do whatever it is you two enjoy doing together, shut off your phone, and enjoy your time with your best bud! 

We would love to know how you celebrated Dog Appreciation Day. Tag us in your photos on social media!

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