6 Ways To Prepare Your Dog for Back-to-School Season

6 Ways To Prepare Your Dog for Back-to-School Season

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 6 Ways To Prepare Your for Back-to-School Season 

As school season approaches, our daily routines change and our furry friends may find themselves with less of our attention during the day. This transition can be challenging for dogs, who are used to having us around all the time. However, with a little preparation and some creative strategies, we can help Prepare Your Dog for Back-to-School Season and help them adjust smoothly to the new schedule. In this blog, we'll share tips & tricks to help you prepare your dog for Back-to-School season so they can be happy, calm and relaxed even in this time of change!

📚Gradual Adjustment 

Start the process of preparing dog for Back-to-School season used to the new schedule gradually. A few weeks before the big change, adjust your daily routines, meal times, and play sessions to mimic the upcoming schedule. This will help your dog get used to the new rhythm and minimize the shock of sudden changes.

📚Create a Safe and Comfortable Space

Designate a cosy and secure area in your home for your dog to relax while you're away. Fill it with their favourite toys, a soft bed, and maybe even a familiar-scented item of clothing to provide comfort and reassurance during alone time.

📚 Interactive Toys and Puzzles

Keep your pup mentally stimulated and entertained with interactive toys and puzzles. Treat-dispensing toys or puzzle feeders are a great way to engage their minds and offer a fun challenge, turning their alone time into a positive and rewarding experience.

📚 Doggie Daycare or Dog Walker

Consider enrolling your dog in a reputable doggie daycare or hiring a trusted dog walker to break up their day and provide some company. Having social interactions and companionship during the day can reduce loneliness and separation anxiety.

📚 Keep Goodbyes Low-Key

When leaving for work or school, keep your goodbyes low-key and straightforward. Making a big fuss can inadvertently increase your dog's anxiety about your departure. Stay calm, and your dog will learn to adapt to your comings and goings with ease.

📚 Quality Time When You're Home

While you may have less time during the day, make the most of the time you do have together. Prioritize quality interactions, playtime, and walks to strengthen your bond and assure your dog that they are still a cherished member of the family.



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