It goes without saying that dogs need exercise. Depending on their breed, some definitely need more than others, but getting the muscles moving and heart rate up is an absolute must for all furry friends! And we humans are no exception to this either, so we figured what better way to get fit than with your pup by your side? It’s a win-win.

Regular exercise not only keeps your dog healthy, but it can also dramatically reduce problem behaviors such as barking, jumping, and chewing. Many vets recommend 30-60 minutes of exercise per day at the minimum.

Walking, Jogging And Running

Regular walks throughout the day is an essential part of your pup’s wellness and is a great way to get started in your exercise routine. You can work up to jogging or running depending on you and your dog’s current fitness level). The exact amount of calories you’ll burn will depend on your level, where you’re running (flat ground vs. hilly) and your speed. Getting your dog out and about and exposing them to new and different situations also serves as a mental challenge.

*You can also add intensity to the walk by incorporating interval training. Switch between running and walking using ‘landmarks’ such as the end of a block, or a stop sign. 


If you have access to nearby trails, this activity should be part of your weekly workout routine! It’s not only good for you and your pup to get the cardio and leg muscles going, but the fresh air, new sights and smells are great stimulation for your pup. It can also really help clear your head (which is always beneficial!) Hiking is also a great activity to do with other dogs and pet parents, so if you’re having trouble being held accountable, or are looking for a reason to have a good hang, make it a social meet-up activity! Start a hiking group! The possibilities are endless.

Active Fetch

Throw a ball, rope or toy for your dog to fetch, and race them to it! You can also throw the toy and then run in the other direction which will most likely get your pup to run after you. A great cardio and engagement exercise for you and your bud!  

Tricks + Fitness

Grab your pup’s favourite treats for this one (Healthybud banana crisps are a great low-calorie option!) Do a lunge and have your dog weave through your legs. Use the treat to direct them and alternate legs once they make it to the other side. This is a great balance and strength training exercise for you, and an obedience and training exercise (with a bit of cardio) for your pup! 


This is a really great piece of equipment to help build core muscles, body awareness and balance using instability training. You can take part in the exercise by holding a plank on the other side of the bone - a great bonding experience for you and your bud!

*It’s always recommended to consult your vet to help figure out what exercise routine is best for your dog (taking into consideration any preexisting conditions, issues, etc.) Make sure your vet educates you on the signs of exhaustion or overheating (ie. panting excessively, tongue or gums turning very red, lying down...)

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