If you have an older dog, or even a younger, large breed, it’s really important to keep their joint health in mind. Joint disease is very common in older & larger dogs, and causes inflammation leading to pain and discomfort . Although prescribed anti-inflammatories can help your dog to stay comfortable, they can also come with a host of side effects. This is where the natural and potent green lipped mussel comes in! 

Main Benefits:

Many joint supplements use glucosamine, but what makes healthybud’s joint booster different is the unique ingredients including this New Zealand export. Green lipped mussels contain glucosamine, but are also high in Omega-3 and chondroitin, all of which are known to benefit joint health. This mighty mussel also helps: 

  • Reduce inflammation and pain, including pain caused by osteoarthritis 
  • Promote a healthy coat and skin 
  • Relieve itchiness 
  • Support joint health and repair in the long-term

This mussel species can be found off the coast of New Zealand and act as a natural filter in the ocean, collecting a stream of nutrients. The water where green lipped mussels are harvested are routinely tested for biotoxins, and aren’t harvested if these levels are high, making it a very safe naturally-occuring supplement to give your dog. You may be familiar with the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for your dog, which is why fish oils are often recommended, but they only contain two types of Omega-3’s: DHA and EPA. Green lipped mussels also contain ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid) and this third Omega-3 has additional anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Green lipped mussels also contain important vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, iodine, manganese, vitamins C and E, and selenium. They also contain amino acids and antioxidants. One of the biggest issues with prescription anti-inflammatories is that they can cause liver damage over long term use. Green lipped mussels have an enzyme that helps to protect the stomach lining and prevent damage to the liver. 

Not only do green lipped mussels help relieve aches & pains (and help with inflammation), they help protect cartilage which in turn helps prevent joint disease over time. This is the active vs. reactive approach we love - where rather than targeting pain or inflammation once it’s already caused by joint issues, we help prevent it through natural remedies. A variety of studies have shown a significant improvement in dogs given green lipped mussel over those in the control groups, and that these dogs needed less NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) drugs than those not given the mussels. 

Fun fact:

Green lipped mussels have been used to help treat osteoarthritis in horses for years, but have only more recently been found to be effective for dogs and cats, too! 

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay curious #healthygang!

Lots of love,

-The healthybud team